The second edition of The NaLata International Festival of Urban Art is transforming the city of São Paulo into an open air museum

Eleven artists are participating in the festival.

Among them is Obey - one of the most influential names in the world - who is going to paint two walls at Largo da Batata. Other great names in the art scene, such as Bicicleta Sem Freio, Zéh Palito and Verena Smit, are going to spread their art around Pinheiros and Faria Lima.

São Paulo, September 2021 - On one side of the city, grey walls embody silenced colors and voices. 

On the other side, walls filled with street art are part of the public space in one of the areas with the highest pedestrian flow in São Paulo.

The second edition of The NaLata International Festival of Urban Art starts on September 20 and takes place at Largo da Batata and Pinheiros.

Outstanding emerging artists get together with the most influential names in street art to transform the city and reframe its public spaces.

Luan Cardoso is the founder and curator of the festival, which is organized by Agência InHaus. NaLata is sponsored by QuintoAndar, Tiger, Suvinil, One, Iguatemi, TNT and Mundie e Advogados.


Shepard Fairey (Obey) is in Brazil for the first time to paint the two biggest walls in the second edition of the festival. He is the creator of Obama's "Hope" poster that became viral in 2008 during the presidential elections. Fairey designed album covers for bands such as The Black Eyed Peas, The Smashing Pumpkins and Led Zeppelin, and painted murals portraying Johnny Cash and Nelson Mandela.

- Obey


Another highlight of this edition is Jason Peters who is building the only sculpture in the festival. 

He is known for using discarded objects to create unpredictable spaces and alternate realities, stimulating reflection on consumer culture, globalism, waste, and environmental degradation. Although he sometimes disassembles and reuses the same material to create the next artwork, his sculptures are always in different and unique shapes. Jason is building the largest sculpture of his career in collaboration with the Brazilian collective Rizomatique.


The street art icon from New York, Doze Green, is also with us at NaLata. Influenced by cubism and japanese calligraphy, he developed a unique style which inspired the hip-hop generation. Doze is a contemporary of Basquiat, Warhol, and Haring. He was a member of The Rock Steady Crew, the legendary group which created the new dance style called Breakdance. He is also known for producing the cover for O Rappa's album "Lado A Lado B".

- Jason Peters


Juan Antônio and Álvaro are the duo PichiAvo who are known for their skill to connect painting and sculpture in urban settings. They have had their work exhibited at world-renowned urban art venues such as the Wynwood Walls (2015) and the Hard Rock Stadium (2016), both in Miami, and also at the Houston Bowery Hall (2017) in New York.

Street art duo Dourone has painted walls all around the world in places such as Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, Amsterdam, Kiev and Johannesburg. Their drawings express the adaptation of the human species on a planet that is no longer the same.


- PichiAvo

Brazilian artists


Through a very unique visual language, Finok discusses the relation between society and social values through images that are connected to subcultures. His work can be seen in the United States, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Lebanon, Russia, Chile and the United Kingdom.

Douglas de Castro and Renato Reno are the names behind Bicicleta Sem Freio. Inspired by rock n' roll illustrations and posters, their project started in 2004 in Goiania and they are now with us at The NaLata Festival. They have had their work exhibited in London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Miami, Las Vegas, Montreal, Los Angeles, Portugal and Jerusalem.

- Finok


- Zéh Palito


Inspired by Brazilian and African cultures, Zéh Palito seeks to promote a relationship of both respect and mutual enjoyment between human beings and the natural world. His vibrant murals show exotic environments where humans and nature coexist in dynamic harmony. Through different scaling and saturated colors, Zéh offers us an incredible and utopian view of the future.

Verena Smit was born and raised in São Paulo. Her artwork is in private collections in Brazil and abroad. In 2018, she was at the art residency Annex B in New York, where she had her first individual exhibition. From 2019 to 2021, Verena has created installations in private and public spaces such as CCSP, São Bento Station, Pinheiros, Augusta Street and Anhangabaú.


Two women are going to paint the first wall of their career at The NaLata Festival.

Heloisa Hariadne seeks inspiration for her projects within herself. Motivated by the relation between humans and nature, the artist sees painting as a way of working the emotional side of her portraits, creating bodies that question themselves and the space. 

Kika Carvalho uses different supports, techniques and scales, always with blue as the base color. The artist was responsible for creating the local art scene of her hometown of Vitória as she was the first prominent woman to paint its walls. Her work can be seen in many cities throughout the country.


- Heloisa Hariadne


The festival leaves a cultural legacy to the city as it creates a new hub for tourism, leisure, and culture. The artists participating in the festival are key in highlighting the city of São Paulo as one of the main locations in the international street art scene.


Sponsorship activation takes place at House of NaLata, at Largo da Batata, where there is an exclusive bar by Tiger, the pure malt beer recently launched in Brazil. 


Also at Largo da Batata, QuintoAndar is going to customise a 4-storey container tower to reinforce the idea of housing and show the different stories that happen in each floor of a building. The venue will be open to visitors.


"NaLata once again offers us a visual occupation of public spaces, giving new meaning to the places we pass through daily. We want people to have cultural experiences in open spaces. We believe art is an important tool for transforming and engaging people. Bringing these artists to Brazil has a historical relevance", said the curator and partner, Luan Cardoso.


"NaLata shows us how to connect people through art. These visual messages have a powerful symbolism and leave a cultural legacy to the city of São Paulo", said the partner at Agência InHaus, Juliano Libman.


"The festival makes Pinheiros, Largo da Batata and Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue become a must see itinerary for anyone who wants to enjoy the city. The festival is welcoming and open to the public. It makes people feel curious", said the partner at the Agência InHaus, Luiz Restiffe.

About NaLata Festival

Conceived and curated by Luan Cardoso, with production and realization by InHaus, led by Juliano Libman and Luiz Restiffe, the NaLata International Festival of Urban Art brings to the São Paulo population the opportunity to experience art, through works by important muralists in the scene of the graffiti world. This edition is sponsored by QuintoAndar, Tiger, Suvinil, One, Iguatemi, TNT and Mundie e Advogados, and supported by Triton and the Consulate General of France in São Paulo.



Agência Lema

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House ofNaLata

Address: Rua Fernão Dias, 682

Opening hours: Wednesday - Saturday: 2pm - 11pm | Sunday: 12pm - 9pm

Free entrance

*Opening hours can be changed

Artworks can be seen at:


Rua Teodoro Sampaio, 2767


Rua Campo Alegre, 60

Rua Arthur de Azevedo, 2103

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2229

Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1036

Rua Teodoro Sampaio, 2763

Rua Cunha Gago, 154

Rua dos Pinheiros, 1409

Largo da Batata